Virtual IT Director Service

An Outsourced IT Director is a highly skilled and trusted IT partner helping you take your business IT strategy to new levels

Virtual IT Director services for small and medium businesses

For too long, the benefits of outsourcing IT Director services have been the privilege of larger companies.

From fledging to established SMEs allowing employees to focus on their skill set without distraction from complex new IT tasks is a must-do.

More than ever, SMEs are turning to a Virtual IT Director to provide their IT strategy and to keep them on board with digital transformation.

The Techn22 Virtual IT Director service gives you and your business the flexibility of an experienced IT professional when needed.

You will have a specialised voice driving your business IT strategy. Helping you make informed decisions and efficiently use technology.

A Virtual IT Director provides leading expertise and solutions at a fraction of the cost!

Investing in IT can be costly and requires the professional representation of an IT Director to ensure your business receives the maximum benefit.

Often a business will not have the advantages of an IT Director at the Board level due to the high cost of employing a full-time individual to fulfil this role.

The solution, as an ever-increasing number of SMEs are finding, is outsourcing the services of a Virtual IT Director.

Techn22 can provide a highly skilled Virtual IT Director to drive forward your information technology and digital transformation to the Cloud.

Our outsourced IT Director service gives you access to leading industry experts and solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Technology is complex

Our Virtual IT Director service gives you and your business the flexibility of an experienced IT professional when needed.

You will have a specialised voice driving your business IT strategy, helping you make informed decisions and efficient use of technology.

Why choose a Virtual IT Director?

Most SMEs do not have board-level representation for technology and digital transformation, often due to the high cost of employing a full-time individual to fulfil this role.

Our Virtual IT Directors are both technical and commercially minded experts. An influential objective resource, leading your business requirements and IT strategy without avoidable costly overheads.


A Virtual IT Director is a flexible resource that aligns with you and your business demands.


We can cover short term requirements or steer longer-term IT strategies.


We give strategic guidance and alignment to help achieve business goals and outcomes.

Project Management

Expertise in leadership for IT project management and deployment.


Policy creation and adoption – essential for process and structure.

Mentoring & Training

We give you the fundamental knowledge and skills to help you navigate the complexities of emerging technology and any ethical aspects and handle challenging technology-led conditions.

Why does your business need a Virtual IT Director Service?

Project Management

Technology-led projects can be risky if not managed by an experienced IT professional. Our leadership will ensure the successful implementation and adoption of your IT goals. Decisive IT strategy is crucial to driving positive change within your business.

Decision Making

Our vIT Directors have technical and commercial experience. We help you make those critical decisions and ensure your business achieves its technology goals.

Policy Creation

The key to efficiency is creating policies that work for your business, not against it. Using an outsourced director service can help you design and adopt IT-related policies, from Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to Disposal & Destruction policies. We are here to help you implement and deliver structure.


You need someone to unravel the whole project, ensuring all costs are included in your IT budget and aligned with your business strategy and roadmap. A Techn22 Virtual IT Director understands all the hidden costs. No nasty surprises.


Our Virtual IT Directors understand that technology has its own language! We are here to cut through the jargon, explaining each component and breaking it down into plain English.

Technology Curve

Technology is constantly advancing. It’s a race for your business to keep up and stay ahead of your competitors. We research technology pertinent to your business needs, advising you on IT strategy, costs and adoption. Your business objectives are our primary focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual IT Director is an outsourced IT professional who provides IT expertise to organisations unable to find or justify a full-time staff member. Engaging a Virtual IT Director will allow your organisation to benefit from the knowledge and experience of an expert without the cost of taking on a permanent IT Director. We immerse ourselves into your business, learning what makes you tick, how your industry is regulated, and what solutions your competitors use. We then use that knowledge to enhance your IT operations through a mixture of current and emerging technologies.

Your Techn22 Virtual IT Director will be part of the team. We will act as mentors, leaders, and enablers within your organisation. An outsourced IT Director service takes on your business objectives, working with your key stakeholders to bring decisive, on-time delivery of projects. An outsourced IT Director service can also bring board-level representation to your technology and digital transformation.

Every situation is different. If you feel you lack technology representation, we would typically expect to attend at least four board meetings per year with an additional eight days of support to allow reporting and feedback.

That would be great news and shows your business has grown to a point where it's necessary to have someone full time. Techn22 can help you engage an agency to find the right person to fit the role. By this time we will know exactly what you need and the calibre of person required. Once sourced, we can be on hand to help them integrate into your business and become a point of reference for them going forward. And, of course, support your ongoing IT function with our other services if required.