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Hackers and cybercriminals launch attacks every 39 seconds which is an average of 2,244 times per day with more than 8 billion records confirmed to be compromised in the last year. 

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Dark Web LP

Our continuous Dark Web Monitoring service notifies you of any breaches in business and employee credentials. By acting swiftly, you can change passwords and fortify security measures.

Blending cutting-edge technology with the expertise of our human analysts, we actively identify and evaluate exposed logins, safeguarding your business from potential cyber threats.

Are Your Employees’ Credentials on the Dark Web?

Shield your business from heightened security risks due to login and password exposures on the Dark Web.

24 x 7 x 365 MONITORING

Examine and assess login credentials or pairs found to be directly associated with your business email domains or IP addresses.


People frequently use identical login details across various platforms, increasing their susceptibility to credential theft. Counteract the dangers of weak passwords.


Every day, over 80,000 domain breaches are detected. Utilise reports and insights on emerging industry patterns and threats to proactively guard against cyber risks.


Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly inevitable. However, implementing Dark Web monitoring will help reduce the risks and threats caused by exposed employee credentials.

What can an attacker do with compromised credentials?


• Send e-mails disguised as legitimate messages
• Trick users into disclosing credentials
• Deliver malware that captures credentials


• Target a popular site: social media, corporate intranet
• Inject malware into the code of the legitimate website
• Deliver malware to visitors that captures credentials


• Insert malware into legitimate online advertising networks
• Deliver malware to visitors that captures credentials


• Examine company assets exposed for potential weak points
• Utilise found vulnerabilities to gain initial access
• Traverse across the network to locate credentials

Find out if your company data has been exposed to the Dark Web

Your data is a tempting target for cybercriminals. With their adeptness and efficiency, even minimal personal information combined with basic tech know-how allows these offenders the chance to infiltrate your essential accounts.

Dark Web Statistics


of people have compromised their work's cyber security while working. Between 2022-2023


of UK businesses that suffered a cyber attack reported that the attack type was phishing


identified others impersonating the organisation in emails or online as the attack vector

Frequently Asked Questions

Dark Web Monitoring is a service provided by Techn22 that scans the dark web for your personal or sensitive information. If your data, such as credit card numbers, email addresses, or passwords, are found on dark web sites, forums, or marketplaces, we alert you so you can take immediate action to protect yourself from potential fraud or identity theft.

Our service uses advanced search technologies to scan the dark web’s vast array of hidden sites, chat rooms, and forums, 24/7/365. We look for specific information like your personal identifiers and alert you if we find your data being misused or traded illegally.

Absolutely. At Techn22, we prioritise your privacy and security. The information you provide for monitoring is encrypted and protected using the highest standards of data security. We never share your information with third parties.

If Techn22 detects your information on the dark web, we will immediately notify you and provide specific recommendations. This may include changing passwords, monitoring your credit reports, or taking additional security measures. Our team is also here to guide you through the steps to secure your information.

Once information is on the dark web, it’s nearly impossible to remove it completely due to the nature of the network. However, Techn22’s service focuses on early detection and immediate response to minimise any potential harm and prevent further unauthorised use of your information.

Our monitoring is continuous. The dark web is dynamic, with new data appearing and changing constantly. Techn22’s systems are designed to continuously scan and search the dark web, ensuring that you are promptly alerted if your information is detected.

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