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Techn22 have a range of services specifically crafted to support modern business, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Modern Workplace and Cyber Resilience

Managed IT Services

We’re a bit different. Our Managed IT Services support YOU the way you want to work. Scalable, flexible & affordable. Completely Agile. Expertise when you need it.

Hosted Desktop

Hosted desktop removes the constraints of having servers on-premise. It is a flexible and affordable way to run your systems and is fully scaleable.

Cyber Security

Cyber threat protection is an under valued business critical service. We can guide you through what’s needed to ensure you stay safe and mitigate the risk to your systems and people.

Microsoft Modern Workplace

A comprehensive suite of tools designed to foster collaboration, improve efficiency, and enhance security across your organisation.

Virtual IT Director

Whether you need IT, representation in the board room with our Virtual IT Director / Outsourced IT Director service or a chat to scope a tech project, we can help you achieve growth through scalability, strategy and emerging technology.

Cloud Services

From office 365 & azure to accounting software and email signature management, we can bring the power and security of the Cloud to create a bespoke system that works for you, not against you.

Web Design & Brand Development

We love creativity. Speak to us about enhancing your online presence or unleashing your brand to the world wide web.

Telephony & Internet

Have the ultimate in flexibility, scale up and down or change how the system works effortlessly using the power of a fully featured cloud based system and fast fibre internet.

Our Dark Web services enable business to proactively mitigate the threat of compromised credentials and empower your work force to become your greatest asset in the fight against cyber attacks.

Dark Web Monitoring

Discover Techn22's advanced Dark Web Monitoring services. Stay protected against identity theft and data breaches with continuous dark web surveillance, 24/7/365 days of the year. Get notified of a compromise in realtime.

Phishing Simulation

Techn22’s Phishing Simulation service offers a dynamic and practical approach to equip your employees with the skills they need to identify and respond to phishing attacks, a prevalent and ever-evolving cyber threat.

Cyber Training

Techn22’s Cyber Awareness Training is designed to arm your workforce with the essential tools and knowledge, transforming them into proactive first-line defenders against a myriad of online threats. Empower and mitigate threats.

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