Security Operations Centre

Cyber threats loom larger and more sophisticated than ever. Your organisation’s security cannot afford to sleep.

Techn22’s SOC as a Service is your vigilant, always-on guardian, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert insights to protect your business around the clock. Discover how our tailored security solutions can empower your organisation to thrive in a cyber-threatened world.

Why Choose Techn22's SOC as a Service?

Choosing Techn22’s SOC as a Service means selecting a partner committed to your security. Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing your digital assets are monitored, protected, and compliant with the latest regulatory standards.

24 x 7 x 365 MONITORING

The reality is that cyber threats recognise no downtime. That's why our SOC is vigilant 24/7/365, providing unwavering protection to keep your operations secure at all times.


The moment a security breach is detected, swift action is critical. Our team of cybersecurity professionals is on standby to spring into action, aiming to reduce any impact and navigate your recovery process with unmatched precision and insight.


The maze of regulatory standards can be overwhelming. With Techn22, this journey is made simpler, as we ensure your compliance with industry norms and regulations effortlessly, freeing you from the complexities.


Recognising the distinct nature of each organisation, we offer a SOC as a Service that is fully adaptable to meet your specific security needs. This ensures that the protection you receive is not just robust but perfectly aligned with your requirements.


At Techn22, our sophisticated surveillance technologies and analytical capabilities lead the charge in preemptive threat identification. We excel in spotting potential security issues before they can grow, ensuring that your organisation is not merely reacting to threats but is consistently several steps ahead.


The investment required to establish and operate an in-house SOC can be daunting. Techn22 introduces a scalable, subscription-model approach, offering elite security capabilities at a fraction of the cost, eliminating the financial burden of internal operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralised unit that deals with security issues on an organisational and technical level. It consists of a team of security experts and the necessary technology to monitor, analyse, and protect an organisation from cyber threats. A SOC is responsible for ensuring that potential security incidents are correctly identified, analysed, reported, and countered swiftly.

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and can significantly impact business operations, reputation, and compliance with regulations. A SOC plays a crucial role in the early detection of security threats, management of incidents, and prevention of future attacks, thereby minimising risk and protecting the organisation’s assets and data.

A SOC provides a range of services including continuous monitoring and analysis of data activity, threat detection and response, incident management and response, compliance management, and security assessment and recommendations. These services are designed to enhance an organisation’s security posture and respond to cyber threats proactively.

SOC as a Service is a subscription-based model that offers businesses access to external SOC capabilities without the need for significant in-house investment in technology and staff. This model provides flexibility, scalability, and access to a team of security experts, making it a cost-effective solution for organisations that cannot justify the expense and complexity of operating an in-house SOC.

Yes, SOC as a Service can be tailored to meet the specific security requirements and business objectives of an organisation. Service providers typically offer customisable solutions that can scale with your business, ensuring that your security posture strengthens in alignment with your growth and evolving threat landscape.

Getting started with SOC as a Service typically involves a consultation with Techn22 to assess your current security posture, identify specific needs, and define the scope of services. This is followed by the implementation phase, where the SOC infrastructure is integrated with your existing systems, and the service becomes operational. Continuous communication and reporting ensure that the SOC services evolve in line with your business needs and the changing threat environment.