We're your IT Partners

Behind every great business, is a great technology partner

Building a strong partnership

For us, you’re not just a customer. We believe in building a strong partnership, one in which we can help you achieve true scalability, growth and knowledge that your IT systems are as secure and robust as possible. The solutions we recommend and implement are for the sole purpose of building our relationship with you. Our core values that underpin our services are based on Security, Service Level, Strategy & Value.


Todays world demands security. Techn22 can provide all the tools you need to make sure you have the ability to ensure your systems and employees stay as safe as possible.

Service Level

Our aim is to make sure you and your business enjoys a hassle free service from Techn22. Satisfaction means everything to us. Our commitment to you is a service you want to recommend to your wider network.


The IT advice we provide you is tailored for you. Its not an off the shelf solution that your business has to adapt to. Every step of way, we’re listening to you, understanding what you and your business needs to achieve growth.
Every business (even us!) wants to make a profit. Above that, our key driver is to make sure you get brilliant service, amazing IT solutions and excellent value. YOU are our partner and WE are yours. A valued partnership.