Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Service allows you to concentrate on what matters – your business. We ensure your business IT needs are managed with a comprehensive consistent, professional and timely approach

End User Support

End User Support that works for you

Your end users are the ones that experience the whole Techn22 service. Having a powerful reliable experience is important, but we know things do go wrong. Thats why we we fully focus on the problem, and who it’s affecting. We are available to support your business around the clock if needed with different levels of engagement, from your regular 9 to 5 users through to full on VIP support.

Infrastructure Support

Your IT infrastructure is the framework that supports your business, be it on premises or in the cloud. It needs constant attention.

Our monitoring services constantly scan your infrastructure for critical issues such as performance, unauthorised access, hardware failures and software updates allowing us to take preventative measures to ensure maximum up-time and reliability.

Technology is complex

Our Virtual IT Director service gives you and your business the flexibility of an experienced IT professional when needed.

You will have a specialised voice driving your business IT strategy, helping you make informed decisions and efficient use of technology.