Cyber Security & Awareness

Keeping on top of your system security can feel like a burden to business owners. Techn22 can help manage your systems, protecting them from the many cyber threats faced by today’s organisations, and educate your team, making them an integral part of your defence

Cyber Threat Protection

Techn22 can develop a plan to mitigate the risk from cyber terrorism and implement changes needed to protect your business and employees. Our solutions cover Phishing Simulation, Endpoint Protection, Penetration Testing and Asset Tracking.

Cyber Awareness Training

Techn22 can either come to your office or deliver online courses designed to educate and up-skill your team on a range of cyber threats such as social engineering, phishing emails, Internet of Things (IoT) and malware/ransomware. All our cyber awareness courses can be tailored to fit your timescales and can be refreshed annually.

Mobile Device Management

Today’s world is mobile with businesses connected to customers and employees through a network of mobile devices. The COVID pandemic saw an increase in the use of mobile devices for exchanging data.

Techn22 can help secure these devices through our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, allowing you to implement policies that are secure and managed the end-user device securely.

Find out if your company data has been exposed to the Dark Web

Your data is a tempting target for cybercriminals. With their adeptness and efficiency, even minimal personal information combined with basic tech know-how allows these offenders the chance to infiltrate your essential accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the technology that allows an extra authentication layer between your normal username and password to access your systems. Simply put it verifies the user by authenticating it's actually a legitimate login by another method. This code could be an automated telephone call to a designated number, a text message with a code, or one of the biometric solutions on smartphones such as fingerprint or face ID. This is performed on the assumption that should your username and password be compromised, it's unlikely the perpetrator has access to your or your authentication method.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows organisations to administer all the mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and to a certain extent, laptops, within its organisation. What's particularly useful is the ability to incorporate it into a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy, insofar as you can control business elements and protect company data without impeding the users rights of their own device. Normally this is implemented with a third-party MDM solution.

There are lots of simple steps you can make to get secure. Multi-factor Authentication should be top of the list, but the weakest point in any business is the human element. Everyone drops the ball occasionally with their security. This can be in the form of phishing emails, or social engineering for instance. Being Cyber Aware is a great way to make your business sit up and understand what the everyday perils are, what to look out for and how to mitigate your exposure. Regular cyber awareness training is an excellent step to becoming more cyber savvy.

Monitoring the Dark Web for compromised user credentials is a proactive approach to mitigating cyber attacks.