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Cyber threats are evolving rapidly, your employees are your most valuable, yet vulnerable, asset against phishing attacks.

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Every day, sophisticated phishing scams put your business at risk. Without proper training, employees can unintentionally become the weakest link, leading to data breaches, financial loss, and damaged reputation.

Techn22 offers a comprehensive Phishing Simulation program that simulates real-world phishing scenarios. Our tailored approach educates employees on the latest phishing tactics, training them to spot, report, and avoid these threats effectively.

How does Techn22 Phishing Simulation work?

Turn your employees into your biggest cybersecurity asset.

The importance of regular, ongoing cyber security awareness training can not be overstated. Having savvy, vigilant employees who recognise and avoid potential security threats reduces the likelihood of a devastating cyber attack.


Customized phishing email scenarios that reflect real-life situations.


Engaging content that educates on phishing identification and response protocols.


Insightful analytics to monitor employee performance and identify areas for improvement.


Continuous updates and support to stay ahead of evolving phishing techniques.

The benefits of running a phishing simulation campaign


These simulations help create a workplace environment where everyone is more careful and questioning about the emails they receive. This means fewer chances of someone accidentally clicking on something harmful.


Employees get hands-on experience with what dangerous emails look like, but in a safe way where mistakes won't cause actual harm. It's like a fire drill for email safety.


Knowing that employees are trained to spot tricky emails can give everyone, from management to staff, more confidence and peace of mind about the safety of their digital workspace.


By preventing successful phishing attacks, these simulations save the time and cost that would be needed to fix the damages caused by a security breach, like stolen data or compromised systems.

Informed employees are your best defence against cyber threats. Join us in creating a more secure digital workspace.

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Our phishing simulations emulate real-world examples of the classic everyday phishing emails. Ensuring your front-line defence has the expertise and experience to deal with these threats is your greatest asset in the fight against cyber attacks.

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Phishing Statistics


The UK is the biggest target for phishing attacks in Europe. A study by Proofpoint found that 96% of organisations in the UK were targeted by phishing attacks last year, which is the highest rate among European countries


According to a report by the Office for National Statistics, UK organisations have experienced a 57% increase in “consumer and retail fraud” compared to pre-pandemic levels. This increase highlights the growing challenge of phishing and related cybercrimes​


Research from BDO indicated that six in ten mid-sized organisations in the UK have been hit by fraud, with phishing being one of the primary causes. These attacks have resulted in an average financial loss of £245,000, demonstrating the severe economic impact of phishing on businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

A phishing simulation is a training exercise where your employees receive safe, simulated phishing emails. This helps them learn to identify and react correctly to actual phishing attempts, enhancing their ability to protect sensitive information.

Phishing simulations are crucial because they prepare your employees for real-life phishing attempts, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks. It’s a proactive step in safeguarding your company’s digital assets.

The frequency can vary depending on your business needs, but it’s generally recommended to conduct phishing simulations at least monthly or quarterly. Regular simulations ensure ongoing vigilance and up-to-date awareness of the latest phishing tactics.

No, phishing simulations are designed to be non-disruptive. They mimic real-life scenarios without causing significant interruptions to your employees’ daily tasks, providing learning opportunities within their work environment.

Absolutely. Phishing simulations can be tailored to reflect the specific threats and scenarios most relevant to your industry and business, making the training more effective and relatable for your employees.

Success is measured through various metrics, such as the number of employees who correctly identify and report phishing emails, reduced click rates on malicious links, and overall improvement in cybersecurity awareness and behaviours over time.

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