Embracing the Future of Education: Future Generation Trust Transforms with Microsoft Modern Workplace

Microsoft Modern Workplace

A New Chapter in Educational Excellence

We at Techn22 are excited to announce our latest partnership with the Future Generation Trust, a beacon of innovation in the education sector. This collaboration heralds a significant transformation, leveraging the power of Microsoft Modern Workplace to revolutionise the educational experience.

Innovative IT Solutions for Future Generation Trust

Understanding the unique needs of educational environments, we crafted a comprehensive proposal for Future Generation Trust, poised to unify and streamline their IT infrastructure across multiple locations:

  • Unified Domain Structure: Transitioning to a single Microsoft 365 Tenant to enhance collaboration and manageability.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Enabling seamless access to SharePoint, ensuring users can work from any school with their regular desktop setup and documents.
  • Robust Data Backup: Implementing robust backup solutions for data stored within the M365 Tenant.
  • Advanced Device and Policy Management: Utilising Intune and Azure Active Directory for streamlined policy and device management, incorporating Microsoft Defender for Business for enhanced security.
  • SharePoint and OneDrive Integration: Leveraging these tools for efficient file storage and access, supporting mobility and collaboration.
  • Strategic Infrastructure Setup: Establishing new Virtual Machines and configuring a new domain with appropriate settings to ensure smooth operations.
  • Comprehensive Migration and Synchronisation: Utilising tools like ADMT for migration, and synchronising content across Microsoft 365, including email and OneDrive.
  • Email Protection and Security: Configuring Barracuda TEP for comprehensive email filtering and security.
  • Domain and Email Management: Updating and managing web domains and email addresses for a cohesive transition.
  • On-Site Support and Configuration: Ensuring seamless integration at each school, including client PC adjustments and profile setup.

Our Commitment to Support and Excellence

At Techn22, we’re not just about implementing solutions; we’re about ensuring continuous support and excellence. Our proposal includes:

  • Third-line support at competitive rates.
  • Extensive telephone support, covering early mornings to late evenings, seven days a week.
  • Remote support for updates and break-fix issues, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and support for servers and essential services.

Future-Ready Education with Microsoft Modern Workplace

Through this partnership, Future Generation Trust is set to become a model for future-ready education, harnessing the power of Microsoft Modern Workplace to provide an unparalleled educational experience. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey of transformation and innovation.

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