What is a Virtual IT Director?

Virtual IT Director

What can our Virtual IT Director do for you and your business?

So what exactly is a Virtual IT Director? Well, we are real people to start with, breathing, blood running through our veins and not a (mostly) bionic part in sight!

Virtual means we can be the IT Director for you and your business, but for as long as you need us, filling whatever capacity you require. You don’t need to have the heavy overhead of employing an IT professional if you only require someone to manage an IT project.

Typically, we attend quarterly board meetings advising the business stakeholder on current IT and emerging technology pertinent to your business.

Technology can be a complex subject. A Virtual IT Director can take the “complications”, own them and deliver with minimum fuss.

What are the advantages for businesses that require a Virtual IT Director?

Flexibility – A Virtual IT Director is a flexible resource fitting in with the needs of you and your business. You can have as much or little of the time needed to achieve your objectives and demands.

Scalability – Whether you have a short-term project or want a technology professional regularly representing you in the board room. You decide what you need and when you need it. Scale it.

Strategy – Strategic decisions, not just technology-led, are the basis for growth. Most strategy relies on technology to deliver success somehow or another. Our Virtual IT Director works with stakeholders across your business to ensure the most relevant technology is employed and applied efficiently.

Project Management – Our Virtual IT Directors know the complete end to end lifecycle for Technology Project Management. We can take care of the project and delivery from discovery, installation and training, and end-user support.

Structure – Unless you have structure, you potentially can have chaos. Our Virtual IT Directors know policy. We can create IT policies that dictate how your business approaches technology and cyber threats.

Mentoring & Training – We are here for you. We give you the fundamental knowledge and skills to help navigate the complexities of emerging technology and any ethical aspects and handle challenging technology-led conditions.

Talk to us

Suppose you feel like your business lacks the technical expertise required to achieve your goals and need help deciphering the complexities of emerging technology. You most likely need a Virtual IT Director. Talk to us about your requirements and how we can help you.

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