Empowering Classrooms with Advanced IT Solutions

Why Choose Techn22?

Techn22 stands at the forefront of educational innovation, offering bespoke technology solutions that transform primary school learning environments across the UK. Our mission is clear: to embed cutting-edge technology into classrooms, enhancing accessibility, engagement, and security for every student and educator.

Choosing Techn22 means opting for a partner that extends beyond conventional IT support. We dive deep into the heart of educational challenges, emerging with tailor-made solutions that not only meet the unique demands of primary schools but also propel them towards a future where technology and education merge seamlessly.


We introduce interactive whiteboards and AR/VR technology to captivate and educate, turning abstract concepts into tangible experiences.


Our cloud solutions offer unparalleled access to educational materials, fostering collaboration and ensuring that learning knows no boundaries.


Prioritising the digital safety of schools, we implement robust cybersecurity strategies to protect sensitive information against emerging threats.


Our proactive approach to IT support minimises disruptions, ensuring technology remains a steadfast pillar of the educational experience.

Elevating Education: The Collaboration Between Techn22 and The Future Generation Trust

The Future Generation Trust took a bold step towards digital transformation by partnering with Techn22, a leader in revolutionising educational IT systems. This collaboration was more than an upgrade; it was a complete reimagining of how technology could enhance and empower the educational experience.

The Vision for Change

The Future Generation Trust, an ambious group of five primary school sites recognised that the traditonal approach to IT infrastructure was changing and felt the need to modernise and adopt a more digital-focused approach.

The Future Generation Trust sought a partner capable of not just addressing these challenges but also pioneering a future where technology is a key enabler of education. That’s where Techn22 entered the classroom.

Innovative Solutions by Techn22: Setting New Standards

Taking what we know from the business sector, Techn22 delivered a holistic solution utilising Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies, aimed at not just overcoming current challenges but also establishing new standards for educational innovation.

  • Collaborative Ecosystems with Microsoft Teams: We fostered a dynamic environment enabling students and educators to collaborate seamlessly, erasing the limits imposed by physical distance.
  • Unified and Secure Platforms with SharePoint and OneDrive: These tools provided a secure, centralised hub for educational materials, supporting an uninterrupted learning process.
  • State-of-the-Art Security with Microsoft Defender: We ensured a secure educational environment, protecting against cyber threats and securing the community’s digital space.
  • Simplified IT Operations with Azure Active Directory and Intune: Our approach streamlined the management of the Trust’s IT infrastructure, making it more adaptable and future-proof.

The partnership has heralded a new era in educational possibilities.


Revolutionised Digital Learning Spaces: The Trust now boasts digital-first classrooms, where innovation in teaching and learning is routine.

Innovation Through Collaboration: The deployment of advanced tools has nurtured an innovative culture, enhancing the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Trust in Digital Security: Enhanced security measures have instilled confidence in the digital tools and platforms utilised by the Trust.

Ongoing Technological Evolution: With Techn22’s dedicated support, The Future Generation Trust continuously embraces technological advancements, ensuring it remains at the forefront of educational technology.

The success of this transformation was underpinned by a partnership characterised by deep collaboration, strategic foresight, and a mutual commitment to redefining educational excellence.

Step Into the Future with Techn22

The collaboration between Techn22 and The Future Generation Trust exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic IT solutions in education. As pioneers at the forefront of this shift, Techn22 is dedicated to delivering solutions that not only meet current educational needs but also anticipate future trends.

Your Pathway to Educational Excellence

Is your educational institution poised to redefine its approach to learning and teaching? Join forces with Techn22, and let’s navigate the path to transformation together. Reach out to discover how our innovative solutions can catapult your educational environment into a new era of excellenc